We configure digital business environments to…
  •   Reduce travel and event production costs
  •   Increase product sales and sponsorships
  •   Create a more interactive and engaging online user experience


We create more social workplaces where organizations can…
  •   Launch and promote products and services
  •   Purposely drive and measure behavior
  •   Assess marketing impact and modify approach


We build communities of interest/practice in which teams can better…

  •   Participate in collective learning
  •   Share and transfer knowledge
  •   Create a sense of joint enterprise and identity

What’s a Digital Business Environment?

A Platform for Better Connecting People

With all the amazing technology available to business, we still connect with people in much the same old way.  Although nothing can replace face-to-face meetings, in this economy the cost of doing so is high.  To better deal with issues of communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing, many companies have provided the following support systems:

  • Email – Limited to peer-to-peer communications or defined distribution lists.  Difficult to collaborate in real-time.
  • Intranet/Extranet – Must be within the firewall or granted access by IT to use; costly to support and maintain.
  • Website – A passive form of communication; formal in nature.  Intended to serve as company “business card”.
  • Web Conferencing – Ineffective for presentations to larger groups and project teams.  Limited use of media; no wow factor.

With the advent of cloud computing, mobile computing, social media and virtual events, many organizations are struggling to provide users an engaging and interactive online experience similar to how they work at home and on the road.  In effect, all of these “systems of engagement” are needed; however, each of them is dependent on the specific need to connect with others.


Knowing which of these tools to use and when, as well as how to best integrate them in a way that fully leverages our investment is the real challenge.  TopRate Services was formed to solve these problems by architecting solutions that represent “best-of-breed” systems of engagement. In a world where we must fight to gain and keep people’s attention, we are there to help you create a digital business environment that is both interesting to participants and useful in purpose–whether it’s a one-time town hall meeting or a persistent learning center.


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